Goat’s Riverboat now on Bandcamp

Goat’s Riverboat is a children’s concept album: 10 songs and 10 stories all taking place on the same day, at different moments or at the same time but from different perspectives. The overarching themes are friendship, imagination, humor, ecology, and storytelling.

Several friends and family members have finally convinced me to post this album from back in 2012. It was recorded and mixed by non other than Braís das Hortas at the now-defunct Casa do Sol in Santiago de Compostela. I wrote the songs and scenes for my niece, who was then 5 years old. This week I’ll do some artwork to brighten up the page at goatsriverboat.bandcamp.com/.  The album has some memorable characters, like Cornelius Camel and Vegetarian Lion, and it´s been a pleasure for me to listen to it again after all these years.

Mensaxeiro the Messenger Chicken

Mensaxeiro the Messenger Chicken returns home to Campesino Dani’s farm after delivering the Special Song to Goat.