Release trailers for S&R3: On Fire!

In September 2019 I churned out audiovisual promotional material using found footage.

Sira e o robot: On Fire! Trailer #1 is geared towards elementary school teachers for use in their classes, the remaining four pieces were done with our current audience in mind, i.e., the parents of the children who are our fans and appreciate a certain dose of artful creativity. Images are taken primarily from and Iván Sende’s brilliant illustrations. I can’t say enough about the artwork in this book – so beautiful and iconic. The music was mixed by Hevi and mastered by a German colleague of his.

Official trailer for Sira e o robot: On Fire!


Trailer #2 featuring “Reverend of Rap”

Trailer #3, featuring “E M E R G E N C Y” and “Facendo rimas”

Trailer #4, featuring “Zipline through the Clouds”

Trailer #5, featuring “I am,” “Curious Girl,” and “Quen precisa mangueiras?”