Monte Viso: Campaign song for Compostela Aberta

Arrangement, recording and postproduction of the song Monte Viso for Compostela Aberta’s 2019 campaign trail.

In Abril 2019 I was approached by Compostela Aberta to arrange a re-make of their campaign song Monte Viso, a beautiful traditional piece first used in 2015 when the party won municipal elections in Santiago de Compostela.

Video by David Silva.

Music recorded, mixed and mastered at Ventriloquorum Studios.

I was given a few suggestions for the composition: it should be upbeat, synth-driven, one minute and three minutes in duration (instrumental and sung, respectively) and somehow contain the Muñeira de Freixido, or what turned out to be a derivation thereof within the possibilities offered by Monte Viso. Given these elements, the tune emerged. Other versions and their accompanying videos can be found here and at