Enfantines (1923) by Ernest Bloch

June 23-26 I will be recording Ernest Bloch’s Enfantines on a Yamaha Grand

I recently discovered Bloch’s 10 Enfantines from 1923, and a month ago I decided to reserve a grand piano to record them. Originally struck by the beauty of «With Mother,» it didn’t take long to become enthralled by several others and particularly how they work together as a whole, each piece presenting its own set of didactic challenges for the young student, but with a seemless elegance and functionality, from the playful cadential enjambment of «Elves» to the celebratory airs of «The Joyous Party» and the «The Joyous March» to the brooding illiteration of «Rainy Day.» The tension of the ninth piece-«Teasing»-contrasts starkly with the flow (and frantically embodies how unpleasant teasing really is!) and unfolds into the ethereal «Dreaming,» thus ending the album. Adding charm to the work’s harmonic and thematic coherence are the illustrations made by his Bloch’s teenage daughter, Lucienne.

If the reader is interested in this project, please check back here in a month, or write to me, and I will let you know when the recordings are ready (hopefully with video as well). Thanks for your interest! Unha aperta, Mark.