Six Crowdfunding Songs

Songs commissioned for the 2017 crowdfunding initiative, ramping up to a July 2020 repeat.

During the crowdfunding campaign for Crazy Times on Planet Earth, patróns were offered the option of buying into a song tailored to their situation. As I currently weigh the options of doing another campaign for On Fire! I remembered this batch of songs, and thought I’d post them.

As a whole they offered an interesting study in terms of variation: different lyrics and melodies over the same musical bed. The lyrics were done based on participants desires/favorite words. They are presented here in order of composition. If we had to choose, we’d pick Melody the Wayfaring Dragonfly and Moi boa noite as favorites, although each has it’s unrepeatable specialness. The story about Julia going on ferris wheel in London with her grandparts; Jane’s trip to Spain; Charlie, the master lego builder who builds «a sky in his mind» with cyan blocks over the course of 17 hours. Of course, I’d do everything differently now, bring in/up the oft-drowning voice, reduce the density, apply softer compression yada yada yada. But, at the end of the day, they are what they are. Written, sung and produced by M. Wiersma (except Moi boa noite, lyrics and voice: Miguel Mosqueira).